Wednesday, February 14, 2007

He. Atomic Weight 3.174

Title: He. Atomic Weight 3.174
Media: Assemblage
Materials: wood, plaster, metal bar, glass, police light.
Price: NFS

This piece is my favorite of all my works. It speaks quite simply of trying to grab a hold on what you believe. Actually figuring out what you believe in is harder than believing in it. “He” has a double meaning in this piece: capital “He” or God, and “He.” the element Helium. In this work the blue light represents both of these things. There is a plaster cast of my hand trying to grab hold of this as it is constantly moving just out of reach.


Jamie said...

This is beuatiful. Keep on reaching. His wonders within your grasp.

Ron Hollingshead said...

I do.