Monday, April 30, 2007

Admit One

Title: Admit One
Size: 12”
Date: 04-2001
Media: Assemblage
Materials: Wood, offering envelope, ticket, glass.

This is a statement on my feelings of some people who believe that going to church and giving to charities makes them good people. There are many people who keep up the charade in front of the congregation, but as soon as they step out of that sanctuary religion, God, and charity are the last things on their minds. “The management reserves the right to refuse admission to the holder of this ticket” is printed on the reverse. To me putting these two objects together eloquently states: Just because you put a dollar in the envelope Sunday morning, does not necessarily get you into Heaven.


brendan said...

I have always loved this one because it speaks truth. Always speak truth Ron. Love ya

Ron Hollingshead said...

Plan on it! Thanks.

Jamie said...

I love this. Using our God given talents to bring joy to others as you have is what He intended.

Ron Hollingshead said...

I am so happy I have found something I can do that others find worth in. It is truly a gift.

mia said...

I love this piece. It says what many people think but are to poliet to say.