Sunday, March 11, 2007

Canary in a Soul Mine

Title: Canary in a Soul Mine
Size: 29” X 7” X 5”
Date: 03-2007
Media: Assemblage
Materials: Wood, Plaster, LED, Clay, batteries, wire, switch, glass.
Price: $800.00

Laura had said to me that I should make an artwork based on her torso. All the scars from all the surgeries made her stomach very interesting. I said that I would love to make a cast of it to use in an artwork. I never got that chance. This piece is what I did get to do.


Jenny and Matt said...

You have been a busy boy. How about a show so we can really check these new ones out?

brendan said...

This comment doesnt necessarily apply to this piece but it does. You know the difference between your work and other work I have seen. Your work has a healing quality to it. I think your work might actually be a calling beyond a talent. It moves you to think and I tend to see most art work as bloviated and self centered and that is everything your art is not. (you might be but not your art)

Jodi said...

Thank you for leaving us no choice but to remember.

Ron Hollingshead said...

Just wait till you see it in person, it is much better. Most of my pieces come through well in digital pictures, but for some reason this one gets lost a little.

Thank you for your comment.

The reason people die is to remind us how important it is to live. Remind. RE-MIND. Remembering the lost is the most important part of fully living. No one can truly live unless they remember the ones close to us that have gone on. Forgetting is easier, but is a disservice to yourself. The pain of remembering someone is gone is the body’s way of remembering it still feels.
Try this- the next time someone asks you “How are you today?” instead of rebutting with your usual answer, weather it be the obligatory “Fine.” or anything else, try saying - “I woke up this morning, breathed in and out and that alone makes today a gift.” Maybe if everyone said that enough to others, they might start REMEMBERING it themselves.

Jamie said...

I remember, I breath in and out, and I live.

Jamie said...

I just left Matthew's 17th birthday party. I really needed to remember this tonight. Her soul lives on.

Ron Hollingshead said...

Thank you for all you comments. It means alot to me that you took the time to look at all my work. I love you and am blessed to have you around.
We all are blessed to have you around.