Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Check was in the Mail

Title: The Check was in the Mail
Size: 12’ 3 ½” X 4’ X 3’ 6”
Date: 08-2007
Media: Installation
Materials: Wood, mailbox, LED, cotton sheets, 3 AAA batteries, and The Blue Elephant Gallery.

I was invited by Mike Mendez to take part in an exhibition and fund raiser for the Frederick Non-Profit Building Supply at The Blue Elephant Gallery in Frederick Maryland. Each artist was given a steel mailbox and asked to bring back art. I decided right away that I wanted my piece to stand tall above the rest. I chose to make mine within ½ inch of the ceiling. From the front of the open mailbox I hung a makeshift bed-sheet rope making each section larger till it reached full size at the floor. This was done to stretch perspective and try to create the illusion of it being even taller. A red LED was put at the tip of the upright flag to signal aircraft to reroute.
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