Monday, February 11, 2008

Chomping at the Bit

Title: Chomping at the Bit
Size: 13” X 3” X 5”
Date: 08-2007
Media: Assemblage
Materials: Wood, drill bit, tooth, and glass.

This is the fourth of my Wisdom Extracted series. The shape of this container has interested me for a long time. Its depth made it hard to decide what to put in it, until I started working on this series about my teeth. Here the deep box implies the cavernous mouth with its dark recesses. The only time that the contents are seen in the light of day is when the dentist unceremoniously yanks them out. Brought to light for the first time, here at the front of the shadowy box the tooth is paired with the most foreboding of all dentist apparatus, the drill!

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