Sunday, February 25, 2007


Title: Blockage
Size: 12” X 16” X 2”
Date: 01-2003
Media: Assemblage
Materials: Wood, cork, plastic, and acrylic paint.
Price: $300.00

I guess I could make up something for this one. But, this just looks nice.


Katie said...

I was wondering what made you decide to actually put the word stomach on the stomach since it seem very clear what it is?

Ron Hollingshead said...

Because somebody tried to eat it because they thought it was a large jelly bean that had been strung on a necklace.
Of course.

The tray has labels on each little bin, and used to contain letters for typesetting. This lends itself to putting labels on other things. This and the fact that though you and I know what a stomach looks like on the inside, some people who have not been paying attention to Prilosec or Pepto commercials might not know that a stomach looks like a jellybean on a string.
Also… I love scientific drawing and illustrations.

Anonymous said...

One Heaping Tablespoon Benefiber dissolved in Tea First Thing in the Morning.