Thursday, February 22, 2007

Robert’s Story

Title: Robert’s Story
Size: 13” X 26” X 2”
Date: 07-2005
Media: Assemblage
Materials: Wood, Acrylic, and casters.
Price: $300.00

“Drawer scavenged from Robert Braun’s workshop. He is a man who has taught me a lot about wood, work, and woodwork.” Made during a time of considerable technical growth. I owe a lot to Robert sharing his knowledge. My craft will forever be sharper with the arrows he put in my quiver.


Tom Y said...

He has given you gifts but don't forget that no arrow in a quiver has ever hit a target. It is the skill of the bowman that cleaves the apple and the arrow is only his tool.

Ron Hollingshead said...

Thank you Tom.
I try my best to be a good marksman.