Friday, June 1, 2007


Title: Impatient
Size: 4” x 6” x 1 ½”
Date: 11-2006
Media: Assemblage
Materials: Metal box, wood, watch gears, tin name-plate, glass.

This piece is very simple. I found a tin name-plate for an Impatient bush. The name “Impatient” is so great because with the simple addition of some watch gears, the word takes on its homographical meaning speaking of our now customary restlessness. I believe that we often keep ourselves busy even when we are not because it makes us feel important.


Jodi said...

Do you think you'll ever use the box with the etchings on it that contained the letters, announements, etc in a piece of yours?

Ron Hollingshead said...

I don't know. It is almost like a piece someone else made and I just have it in my collection. I will probably never change it, so it would never be mine.

melissa englebright said...

i needed to see this today.

Jamie said...

How much time is wasted in our inpatience.