Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dow Benedict Benedict Benedict Benedict

Title: Dow Benedict Benedict Benedict Benedict
Size: 18” X 18” X 5”
Date: 03-2007
Media: Assemblage
Materials: Wood, glass, paper, light-bulbs, hood ornament, LEDs.

This piece is homage to my mentor L. Dow Benedict IV. I used objects that are similar to those he uses in his work but in a style more like my own. The title comes from an Ed Kienholz piece, “Walter Hopps Hopps Hopps,” an homage to his friend Walter Hopps III.


sara chroussis said...


do you use found wood/other found elements? it already seems to have a previous life before its reached you..

Ron Hollingshead said...

I almost always use found wood/glass/everything. I love the memories they bring along with them. The age. The Texture. The connotations people have that go way beyond their normal literal denotative meaning. Sometimes someone will see a piece I have made and just start into a story about how “When I was a kid...”
I love that.
You just can't get that kind of immediate intimacy with a viewer with all newly fabricated material.
Now it can also bite you in the ass when someone has a different kind of connotation for an object than the one you were using. But then again it doesn’t hurt for each viewer to see something different.
They all do anyway.