Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Point and Shoot

Title: Point and Shoot
Size: 11” X 6” X 4”
Date: 10/2008
Media: Ceramic
Materials: Porcelain

Description: This piece marks the first successful piece I made using ceramic slip-casting techniques. The hand is life-cast from my patient wife. The camera is an older model Kodak digital camera. I love the final piece as you see it here almost as much as I love the plaster molds I made. The hand is a very interesting four-part mold and the camera is a pretty complex six-part mold.

With the advent of digital technology cameras are everywhere. Their product is used not only to commemorate the good times but also as evidence of the bad times. Cameras are used many times as a way to point out peoples’ flaws. The world is under surveillance; there is always a digital eye ready to point out your mistakes.


Anonymous said...

This is probably my favorite piece of yours, Ron. You've improved drastically from 1994 at the governor's school for the arts. Those were some good times; and frankly, you stood out to me. Although, I find most of your pieces to stem from some type of pain in life. Try one with true unadulterated joy without sarcasm. Lots of love, Bekka Bender (King)

Ron Hollingshead said...

Thanks Bekka. I have startd to move away for the crap and toward the Joy. We all have a bit, i want to make mie stand out.
I would love to talk to you. Email me @
looking forward.