Thursday, April 9, 2009

POP Tart

Title: POP Tart
Size: 5” X 8” X 22”
Date: 3/2009
Media: Construction
Materials: Aluminum, steel, and plastic.

POP Tart is very easy to explain. It is a POP-Tart in the style of a Pop Art piece. It is comprised of a steel mount, a purchased aluminum rod, and a cast aluminum Pop-Tart with plastic icing. This piece is being used as a pattern to create a larger wall piece “Popped Art” that you will see on here soon.


Jodi said...

You could probably tell by the twinkle in my eye every time we talked about it, but this is in my Top 3 of yours. Lotsa reasons. Way to go. "TTYL!"

Ron Hollingshead said...

Thanks! I am really enjoying the process of fabrication. It is funny to think that as a sculptor I am just learning how to MAKE things. So far in my art I have only reacted to objects that already have had a life. It is cool to create an object and therefore a new life. I am excited about all the possibilities that are open for me now.